L’Oréal is a Makeup Genius


Everyday new apps and products are coming out. Brands are expanding their websites so that they are compatible with mobile devices, like smartphones and tablets, to help stay with the exponential growth of the digital and mobile world. One of the most important goals for a brand is to make their customers experience as easy and memorable as possible. There are many great examples like Starbucks and Domino’s that have created apps that make their users experience effective and pleasurable — and in some cases exciting because of the new technological advances.

If you’re a girl you most definitely have at least one L’Oréal product in your bathroom. L’Oréal is a french based cosmetics company, specializing in personal care. Their products have now made their way around the world since it was established in 1909, (almost 110 years old!) founded by Eugene.

Screen Shot 2017-04-16 at 2.24.11 PMScreen Shot 2017-04-16 at 2.24.18 PM

Known for a being a successful House of Brands, L’Oréal is the #1 cosmetic company in the world, and sold in over 140 countries. According to their financial figures from 2015, they recorded a total sales worth of $29.73 Billion.  Below is a chart that shows all of the company’s brands they have and what categories they are broken down into. Personally, I was shocked on what brands the company owned, and didn’t know they had such a large variety.

Screen Shot 2017-04-13 at 1.54.11 PM

In terms of their internet presence — they have a solid foundation. Here’s their breakdown:

Facebook: 26.8 million likes.

Instagram: 3.3 million followers, +20,000 like per photo.

Twitter: 426,000 followers, 50-1,000 likes/retweets per tweet.

YouTube: 98,797 subscribers,  64.9 million views.

Pinterest: 35,652 follower, avg. of 32K followers per board.

They also have a beautiful Tumblr account, but there is no way of knowing the number of followers they have. But if you want to take a look, their account is very aesthetically pleasing!

Visually, all of their mobile platforms are user-friendly and easy to navigate. This is what their website looks like on a smart phone:IMG_2718IMG_2719IMG_2720IMG_2721IMG_2722



L’Oréal created an app that was not only seen as technologically advanced and exciting, but extremely useful, increasing user satisfaction and consumer engagement. Makeup Genius is an application that scans yours face (or a previously taken photo) ideally working as a virtual mirror and allows users to try on new products and see how it would look on them and help them in their purchasing. While some were skeptical because they thought that maybe this would decrease purchasing intention, it increased it by a lot. Being able to try on the products did show customers that there are products that don’t work for them, but they felt more sense of confidence when they found a product that worked well with them. They can also either order the product from the app itself, save the products at a store near them for pickup, or just go in a get it themselves while looking at other products.

How the app looks:


How the app works:

IMG_2713             IMG_2716.PNGLOREAL-MAKEUP-GENIUS-APP-try-the-look2picmonkey-collage1

Another really cool aspect to this app is how “applicable” it is too different countries. They have made different versions for their different markets around the world. They also show a lot of exclusive sales and rewards, providing exclusive QR codes and more!


This app integrates well with multiple mobile consumer profiles: those who fall under “Busy & Productive,” “Latest & Greatest,” and “Social & Curious.” People who use this app use it because it’s new, effective, productive, innovative, and simply fun and cool! It gives them the opportunity to receive great promotions, makes their lives easier, and happier. L’Oréal is a House of Brands that is keeping up with the latest trends and even ahead of the game.


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